Content is King, but which content is king?

Free Website Audit Tool

How does it work?

  • Register
  • Insert a small code in your website (it’s as simple as inserting a Google Analytics code)
  • Done! You can measure the quality of your contents.We are keeping you informed of suggestions and alerts, if needed.
  • If you want, you can connect the ContKing system with MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and other services through our API

You can measure the quality of your contents
in 5 minutes!

How can ContKing help you?

Embeddable SEO Audit Tool

1. Questions and problems

It’s a common problem, that

  • it is hard to notice at high quantity of contents, if some of the pages crashes
  • we don’t know, which page performs the best
  • we don’t know, which page types performs the best
  • from which pages we don’t bring out the maximum potentials
  • We don’t know, which pages the visitors likes or likes not
  • we don’t get feedbacks of the quality of our contents from the visitors
  • it’s difficult to make our visitors vote on something
  • we can’t do voting through e-mails and newsletters
  • we don’t get alerts if some of the pages crashes
ContKing gives solutions to these questions among others!

White label SEO Audit Tool

2. Reports and alerts

  • easy to set
  • clear graphs
  • simple, clear tool
  • alerts
  • free subscription for life

Lead notification

3. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools connection

Connect ContKing with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for deeper analysis

We've got awesome testimonials!

Everyday we get emails from happy clients. Here are just a few things they've said about us.

"This tool is a lead generation game-changer. I've gotten more leads after installing this tool in a week then I have in a year."
Krisztian L. Evolvor Media • Budapest, HU
"Awesome tool. Wish I would have found it sooner would have saved me so much work."
Gergely K. Constant Click • Budapest, HU
"The Tool is AWESOME! I'm really impressed about the tools and how easy it is to set everything up."
Eva K. Fly Conseils • Budapest, HU